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We’re Thrilled! We’ve run sample campaigns before but with BRANDedTRAY’s help, we’re thrilled with this opportunity to delight people with Wheat Thins in a new and unexpected place. And, it reinforces our effort to showcase Wheat Thins as a delicious snack with toasted whole grain crunch.”
Michael Tilley, Kraft Foods Brand Marketing Director

“BRANDedTRAY provides innovative avenues for us to creatively connect with Wheat Thins fans and to enhance their game-time experiences. We look forward to an exciting campaign to help NCAA football fans discover Wheat Thins Crunch Stix and delight them as they’re cheering on their favorite teams.”
Leslie Waller, Wheat Thins Brand Manager


Become one of the many brands that have used Branded Trays to be places the brand have never been before.
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