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BRANDedTRAY Benefits & Key Differentiators


It’s a proven win — BRANDedTRAY creates strong on-site impressions with fans. According to a Consumer Marketing Research study conducted by Sponsorship Research International (SRi) during a 2009 Major League Baseball game in Yankee Stadium, BRANDedTRAY was rated 53% more effective in generating awareness than outfield signage, and 475% more effective in generating awareness than In-Game Promotions.*

BRANDedTRAY also gives your brand high visibility — not only by fans who purchase food from concessions stands and carry the trays, but also from people who see them stacked at concession counters and in displays on the concourse. In the same study referenced above, 83% of fans reported having seen a BRANDedTRAY, and on average, they reported seeing these trays 13.8 times per game.* Visit our client testimonials page for play-by-play results from previous BRANDedTRAY clients — or read the full results from the study.


At a price less than traditional sponsorship packages, BRANDedTRAY gets your brand in the door at venues all across the United States — including Yankee Stadium in New York City, AT&T Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, and Angel Stadium in Anaheim. As an up-and-coming new medium, BRANDedTRAY can be a very cost-effective way to gain in-venue sponsorship access for non-official sponsors. Attract customers with “walking billboards” carrying trays all across the stadium, and stacks of trays showing off your brand at concession stands and in concourse displays.


BRANDedTRAY can also lead to enhanced activation and development of customers through attractive designs, offers, tear off-coupons and even sampling opportunities, if desired. You can create your own design, or have the professional designers at BRANDedTRAY create your tray for you. No matter what features you choose, your tray is sure to attract attention — and it may even turn a few fans into your biggest brand cheerleaders.

BRANDedTRAY helps your brand capture customer information through promotions such as Txt-2-win and QR Code campaigns, and engages them more deeply through social media, online links, and available product sampling. Increased exposure to your brand through BRANDedTRAY will help drive traffic to your website, or even to retail locations.


You choose the venue, team, or event. No long-term contracts are required.

Reach a Targeted Audience

When it comes to selecting the right audience for your brand, sports and entertainment venues can’t be beat. You can choose venues that cater to your target audience, and speak directly to consumers in geographic locations and markets you’re trying to reach. BRANDedTRAY has partnerships with leagues and venues all across the United States. Contact us for more information.

Fast, Simple Delivery

With BRANDedTRAY, getting your brand in the hands of fans is simple.

* Source: SRi – September 2010