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Photo Contests

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Here are some highlights of our Photo Contest app in use


It's packed with features, and our full HTML customization lets you make it look like whatever you want.

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Caption Support

Entrants can provide captions for their photo when they enter that are shown on the voting screen..

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Comment Support

Enable Facebook comments on your entries, and moderate them

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Sharable Photo Entries

Users can share their own photo entry or others. The original photo is used as the share image and links to that entry.

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Limit to Followers & Fans

Create photo contests that require a user to be a Twitter follower or Facebook fan to enter or vote.

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Reward Sharing with Friends

Give your entrants extra entries when they get their Facebook friends to enter and become a fan.

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Manual or Automatic Entry Approval

Manually approve all of your photo submissions or have the app do it automatically.

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Opengraph Action Sharing

Automatically publish the Enter action and the Vote action to a user's Facebook friends!

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Custom Form Field

Need to collect more than the user's name and email address? Add any fields you like and download in an export file..

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Mobile Compatible

Share photo contest links that automatically send desktop users to your Facebook page tab and mobile users to the mobile version.

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Age Restrictions

Require the entrant to be at least 13, 18 or 21 years of age before entering.

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One Per Customer

Allow unlimited entries or only one entry per email address, Facebook account, or Twitter account.

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Photo Contests for Facebook Pages

Users become fans, enter, vote, and invite friends from your Facebook page tab.

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You can customize and even translate all of the default language in the app.

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Satisfy Facebook’s Policies

Woobox is an application on the Facebook Platform as required by Facebook's promotion guidelines for contests..

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Voting & Submission Periods

Control when users can enter and when they can vote or run the two simultaneously.

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Get Entries via Twitter or Instagram

Have users submit hashtagged photos on Twitter and/or Instagram and have them automatically entered into the contest.

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Collect Email Addresses

Download all entry data including user email addresses. You own the data. We don't email your entrants.

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Embed on your Website

Our photo contest app can also be embedded into your Website, in addition to or instead of your Facebook page.

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HTML Entry Forms

For a completely custom look, you can create and style your own HTML input form fields embedded into your entry page.

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You can completely customize the look of your photo contest, down to every stage.


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